Studying at 50plus

"Studying at 50plus" is geared primarily toward those who have retired from an active professional life, have finished raising their children, or are transitioning into the so-called third phase of life. Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz is responding to an already existing and ever-increasing demand for continuing education for older individuals. The Center for Continuing Academic Education (ZWW) is in charge of "Studying at 50plus," and the program is implemented in close cooperation with participating departments and various university institutions.

"Studying at 50plus" is not an audit program or a substitute for a regular course of study, i.e. receiving qualifications in the form of certificates in regular courses is not permitted. Rather, it is a structured study program with events and seminars that are oriented to the interests and needs of older individuals, offering the opportunity for professional study, as well as a diploma (certificate). Those individuals participating in continuing education programs are given the status of "guest auditor."

You can find a detailed description of our individual events on the right available as download "Studying at 50plus" (German).

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