Current Projects

The project called "Artificial Intelligence in Adult Education and Self-Learning" starts in December 2023 and will run for 30 months. It aims to use AI technologies in adult education and independent language learning to create personalized and dynamic learning experiences. The project partners are located in Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Cyprus and Turkey, in addition to JGU Mainz.


"Food Includes" is the title of a soon-to-be project that will be realized from December 2023 over the span of 36 months until November 2026. The overall goal is to increase the take-up of offers in adult education and to improve their participation and accessibility by covering the vast topic area of food. In addition to JGU Mainz, the project partners are from Poland, Denmark, Ireland, Belgium and Spain.


FORTHEM is a European University alliance of nine universities. FORTHEM will redefine and reinforce exchange and cooperation between all university members and society throughout its three missions dedicated to mobility, research and outreach.

ERASMUS+ European Universities Project Reference 612489-EPP-1-2019-1-DE-EPPKA2-EUR-UNIV
DAAD EUN-Nationale Initiative Projekt-ID 57533594

IDOL is a two-year project coordinated by Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz started in February 2022. The project aims to develop an innovative approach to implementing tandem teaching in intergenerational digital learning through engagement (service-learning). In the process, universities and their staff and faculty will be equipped with knowledge, skills, and resources to digitally integrate tandem teaching in intergenerational learning with older and younger students.


"Stories4all" is another upcoming project that aims to develop, test and promote the use of innovative pedagogies in the field of STEAM, starting in October 2023. In addition to JGU Mainz as the project coordinator, the Czech Republic, Greece and Poland are also participating as partner countries. The project will run until September 2026.


TeachME is a two-year project coordinated by the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz with a duration of two years. The project focuses on the development of neurodidactic concept for blended learning-based foreign language courses. The target group is international students, teachers, educators and supervisors.

ERASMUS+ 2021-1-DE01-KA220-HED-000031184