Events // Meetings

DateEvent // MeetingVenue
31 May - 2 June 202353rd Eucen ConferenceUtrecht, The Netherlands
30 - 31 March 2023Erasmus+ Project IDOL Partner MeetingValencia, Spain
1 July 2022Erasmus+ Project IncludeHER Multiplier EventOnline
27 June 2022 Erasmus+ Project SMILE Diversity Audit ModelCagliari, Italy
8-10 June 202252nd Eucen ConferenceBudapest, Hungary
18-19 May 2022 Erasmus+ Project IncludeHER Last Partner Meeting Braga, Portugal
17 May 2022 Erasmus+ Project SMILE Diversity Audit ModelMalta
4-5 May 2022Erasmus+ Project IDOL First Transnational Project MeetingMainz, Germany
20-21 April 2022Erasmus+ Project TeachME First Transnational Project MeetingBrno, Czech
10 March 2022 Erasmus+ Project TeachME Kick-Off MeetingOnline
24 February 2022 Erasmus+ Project IDOL Pre-Kick-Off MeetingOnline
21 October 2021Erasmus+ Project IncludeHER Partner MeetingOnline
10 September 2021 Erasmus+ Project SMILE Full Partner MeetingOnline
22 June 2021 Erasmus+ Project SMILE Full Partner MeetingOnline
27 May 2021 Erasmus+ Project IncludeHER Partner MeetingOnline
12 May 2021 Erasmus+ Project SMILE Workshop on Diversity Audit-ModelOnline
11 May 2021Erasmus+ Project SMILE Full Partner MeetingOnline
21-22 April 2021Erasmus+ Project SMILE Peer Learning SeminarOnline
29 January 2021 FORTHEM Alliance
ULLL Network Conference
11 December 2020 FORTHEM Alliance
ULLL Network Conference
4 December 2020Erasmus+ Project SMILE
Pre Kick off
4-5 November 2020FORTHEM Alliance
ULLL Network Conference
27 October 2020 Erasmus+ Project IncludeHER Kick-Off MeetingOnline
8 October 2020Erasmus+ Project SOLVINC End ConferenceOnline
7 October 2020Erasmus+ Project SOLVINC Partner meetingOnline
21 September 2020FORTHEM Alliance
ULLL Kick off
4-5 March 2020 Erasmus+ Project SOLVINC Partner meetingParis, France
13-14 November 2019Erasmus+ Project SOLVINC Partner meetingWien, Austria
5-7 June 201951st Eucen ConferenceAveiro, Portugal
8-9 May 2019Erasmus+ Project SOLVINC Partner meetingMainz, Germany
21-23 January 2019 Erasmus+ Project SOLVINC Training eventParis, France
17-18 December 2018 Erasmus+ Project SOLVINC Kick offPorto, Portugal
15 November 2018Erasmus+ Project HE4u2
Final Symposium 2018 - Conference Keynotes ”Diversity as an essential component of the overall strategy at Johannes Gutenberg Univeristy Mainz" Keynote speech by Georg KRAUSCH, Rector at Johannes Gutenberg University
Barcelona, Spain
6-8 June 201850th Eucen ConferenceBergen, Norway
7-9 June 201749th Eucen ConferenceMainz, Germany
4-7 October 2016RECLA (Red de Educación Continua de Latinoamérica y Europa)
The ZWW as Representative of European Continuing Education in Latin America
Santiago de Chile, Chile