„Multimedia Didactics – The Art and Science of Teaching Host Country Language (TeachME)”


The Erasmus+ project TeachME (02/2022 - 01/2024) is a new two-year project coordinated by the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz with a duration of two years. The project started on February 1st and focuses on the development of neurodidactic concept for blended learning-based foreign language courses. The target group is international students, teachers, educators and supervisors.
With its expertise in the field of foreign language didactics and the conception of neurodidactic language acquisition concepts, Germany acts as a model for the other project partners within the consortium, enabling them to develop comparable teaching and learning material for foreign language teaching in their own language. In the project, Germany will make its concept transferable and enable the partners to apply this blueprint to their respective situations.
In doing so, teachers and educators from the partner countries who work with international students will be enabled to teach the host country's language using interactive methods based on DigCompEdu.
Partners involved in the project include a university and various adult education centers in Romania, Poland, Italy and the Czech Republic.

Updates on our project TeachME: July 2023

The project is going on smoothly and we are already working on the project result 4 which is the Facilitator Guide for intensive language teaching pathways. This guide is aimed for educators to help them to organize intensive but engaging language courses for foreign students. The practices introduced in the guide are based on the previous project results and the guide's results will be tested later this year. Currently, the partners are concentrating on the chapters they are leading.
At the same time, we will continue developing the TeachMe platform with Interactive library as well as finishing the previous project results which will be published as a book in early 2024.

Virtual meeting December 2022

The TeachME team met virtually on 14 December for its monthly and last meeting of the year to discuss mutual partner feedback for the newly designed handbook "A didactic concept for intensive teaching of a host-country language as a foreign language through multimodal and blended learning approaches".
The handbook will be published in early January on our project website: https://www.teachmeproject.eu/, where you can already find "University Roadmap for Foreigners - mapping of necessary steps in partner countries".

Screenshot of the virtual meeting in December 2022, © TeachMe

Second TeachMe Project Partner Meeting in Brasov

On October 19th to 21st, the project partners of TeachME came together for the second time in the autumnal city of Braşov (Romania). Together they discussed Project Results 1 as well as the further project steps. A handbook on modern foreign language learning in terms of neurodidactics, a collection of methods for language teachers, and also a guide for international students were the main topics.

Second TeachMe Project Partner Meeting in Brasov, © TeachMe

First TeachMe Project Partner Meeting in Brno

On 20-21 April 2022, a face-to-face meeting of all partners of the TeachME project took place in Brno, Czech Republic. The topics discussed were the project output achieved so far, the various focal points of the project, and the work on the first two project results. At the end of the project, teachers and educators from the partner countries who work with international students will be enabled to teach the host country's language in blended learning courses using interactive neurodidactic methods based on DigCompEdu

First TeachMe Project Partner Meeting in Brno, © TeachMe

Online Kick-Off Meeting

Europe thrives on people meeting and understanding each other. Language is the key competence here.
Hello, Bună ziua. Cześć!, Ciao and haló! was the message last Thursday, 10.03.2022 at the kick-off event of the Erasmus+ project "TeachMe". The project partners from Romania, Poland, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic met to discuss the project steps and goals. The project aims to develop a neurodidactic concept for blended learning foreign language courses and thus to make students aware of languages that are less in demand in the European region. One of the most important prerequisites for the success of international students is the mastery of the language of the host country or the language in which they will complete their studies. Appropriate didactic language teaching-learning concepts should facilitate access to and study at European universities for students.