Intercultural Trainings

The Center for Lifelong Learning (ZWW) offers intercultural trainings as in-house events. They are designed to help participants recognise and deal with intercultural similarities and differences. Interested persons from higher education and other fields can gain valuable insights into other cultures in these courses and learn to deal with cultural differences more consciously. The intercultural trainings offered by the ZWW consist of a tailor-made program and are adapted to the individual wishes of the participants.

By using an interactive methodology to prepare participants to communicate across cultural boundaries, they become more competent and empathetic in intercultural encounters. Intercultural trainings also offer a refreshing change of perspective, which can be extremely helpful in regular interaction with people from other cultures. In addition, different concepts are introduced in the trainings and the participants have the opportunity to share their own experiences.

The ZWW also offers diversity and anti-bias trainings, which have a similar goal: improving communication and collaboration in heterogeneous groups.

Please feel free to contact us for information about content and the different formats (online and live).