Developing Innovative Pedagogies and Tools to enable the Establishment and Sustenance of Communities of Educators Promoting Empathy and Social Inclusion via Digital Stories for All


The Erasmus+ project Stories4all aims to develop, test and promote innovative pedagogy in school education. Teachers are to be introduced to digital storytelling across all subjects. A suitable methodology will be presented that demonstrates how creative methods can be combined with digital technology to enable the design and implementation of inclusive learning environments. This includes the development of learning resources and methods by teachers at universities as well as providers of teacher training on digital storytelling. In a broader sense, cooperation between teachers, students and researchers is to be promoted.
Students will be supported in the area of learning and teaching in formal, non-formal and informal contexts by familiarizing them with the practice of digital storytelling. Creativity and modern, multimedia digital tools are taught as opportunities for personal expression. The aim is to introduce an integrative learning environment as a model.

The project started in October 2023 and will run for 36 months (10/2023 - 09/2026).

In addition to JGU as the project coordinator, the following partners are participating: the adult education center PELICAN from the Czech Republic; the University of West Attica, the Technical University of Crete from Greece and the University of Warsaw from Poland.