AI in Language Teaching

Artificial Intelligence in Adult Education and Self-Learning: Providing personalized and adaptive learning experiences with emphasis on language learning

The Erasmus+ project aims to use AI technologies in adult education and self-learning, particularly language learning, to create personalized and flexible learning experiences that better meet the needs and goals of individual learners. Desired outcomes include improved learning outcomes, increased engagement and motivation, better access to educational and self-learning opportunities, and the development of key language skills for the global labor market.
The project remains in line with the priority of addressing the digital transformation by promoting the targeted use of digital technologies in education, training, youth and sport for teaching, learning, assessment and engagement. Through the use of AI technologies such as speech recognition, machine translation and natural language processing, the project aims to create more engaging and interactive language learning experiences. It also supports the development of digital teaching methods and expertise for teachers and the use of the European Digital Competence Framework for teachers, citizens and organizations.

The project started in December 2023 and will run for 30 months (12/2023 - 05/2026).

In addition to JGU, the partners involved in the project are the social enterprise PRISM (Italy), the One World - One Heart Foundation (Poland), the adult education center PELICAN (Czech Republic), the continuing education center Emphasys (Cyprus) and Bahcesehir University (Turkey)

First Partner Meeting in Brno, Czechia, March 26th and 27th 2024

The Erasmus+ project "AI in ADU - Artificial Intelligence in Adult Education and Self-Learning" has started with the first partner meeting in Brno, Czech Republic!
On March 26 and 27, we met with partners from Poland, Italy, Czechia, Cyprus and Turkey to plan the next steps.
The project aims to develop personalized and adaptive learning paths in language acquisition. It is investigating how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to meet individual needs. In addition to podcasts with experts, guides for better learning and teaching experiences are being created.